Web Store Open

 With the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic all of my shows have been canceled through May. From the conventions to the concerts and even the small movie screenings. Since I'm unable to get out there and make money I created an online shop on the website. I put some of the major items up and after I figure out how to get this printer put together I may start adding more. So following are some links to check out. Thank you all.

Official Site Store. Here you can get T-Shirts, Buttons, Stickers, Trading Cards and Signed CD's

Kunaki Store. Here you can get the CD's I keep in stock straight from the printer. Cheaper than the signed ones I have on the site store.

Bandcamp Store. Here you will find all kinds of music. Rare stuff as well as the ones you can get at major retailers. Some are free, some are name your price and some are set. Downloadable in WAV or MP3 Formats.

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