Christophe Murdock is a longtime fixture of the Oklahoma Music scene having played in many bands and different genres. His main focus is a blend of Country and Punk that the local press has dubbed "Red Dirt Macabre". Christophe has rubbed elbows with legends and has songwriters blood in his veins. You can catch him live pickin' solo or in a variety of bands.


Christophe can currently be found performing with:
*Christophe and The Love Donations
*Anarchy For Assholes

Some of the groups Christophe has performed in are:
*Christophe and The Prairie Fire
*Christophe and The Jackholes
*Christophe and The Pallbearers
*Christophe and Friends
*Christophe and The Art School Rejects
*Christophe & Joe D.
*Mockingbird Lane
*Social Parasite
*Fancy Bump
*Happy Tuesday
*Audra and The Whippoorwills
*The MILF City Soundtrack
*SouthSide KrazyKidz
*Nomadic Bedlam
*K.K.K. Bitch/Waste Of Space
*The Jaguars

Companies Christophe Started are:
*Zombierot Ent.
*Christophe's Crypt
*Outlaw Cinema