The OKC Edge Horror Collective: Interview With Christophe Murdock

Horror Star Exclusive: Christophe Murdock As Son Of The Saw !                     Oct 4 2019

Photos courtesy of Star Swamp LLC.
Mr Murdock on set as the monster.

Written by Will Harrison

Here is a short interview with Christophe Murdock, Actor, He plays the monster/killer in the film.

Will: How did you prepare for the role?

Chris: To prepare I really just created a backstory for the character and gave it something so it was more than just a guy with a chainsaw grunting.

Will: Any other crazy stuff that you did on set?

Chris: I didn't find "the" chainsaw until fairly last minute, but practiced swinging around a small model to get used to it. Had a few days practice with the large model. Enough to get used to the weight and length.

Will: What was your creative process in between sets?

​Chris: I picked out the outfit for the character and my mother Carolyn Murdock made alterations to it so it was like I wanted and gave me room to move my arms around and swing that chainsaw. Eric Xton then weathered the hell out of it and dirtied it up. Eric made the mask.

Will: How long was the process for getting ready with the makeup and all?

Chris: That never took long to put on. Just slip it on and strap it down. Jennifer Flores did the makeup. Not a lot since my face is covered. Mostly working on the eyes and mouth. Making my teeth look nastier. The only part that took a while was covering my tattoos.

Will:  How'd you get picked for the part? 

Chris:  Eric Xton and I created it together. I was Leatherface for Halloween and posted videos and photos of my costume. With my size it came off really well. Eric had made the comment that we should make a Leatherface film. I hit him up and said we seriously should. We bounced some ideas back and forth and I wrote the song "Pray to the Saw" that was meant to be the theme of the film from the beginning. He in turn did a script treatment and that's how Son of the Saw was born. 

Will: Did you play an other parts on this film maybe just as a voice?

Chris: As for other parts, I focused on my character and wore a few hats behind the scenes but nothing else on screen.

Will: You heard it here first Guys and girls, now be sure to go watch Son of The Saw on Youtube, and 
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