OFF THE DEEP END SERIES : Christophe Murdock

1.Why Bass?

 I always loved that deep end. It's what spoke to me first. I originally had no plans to sing or play guitar, all I wanted to do was make evil tones on that bass.

2.Do you think it is unfair or just lack of knowledge bass gets so little credit?

 Lack of knowledge. Bass can be so many different things, just as any other instrument.

3.What kind of bass do you use? Model , color , year , And why

 I have two. I have an old black Fender Precision with a white pick guard that is my main weapon. It's great. A real workhorse that can take a beating. The other was my first, a black on black Gibson Epiphone. My father bought that for me as a gift when I was 15. It meant a lot to me and I only use this at home or in studio. My father passed when I was 18 and I don't want to damage it. Too much sentimental value.

4.Tell us about your amplification

 I used to use a Peavey Mark IV and loved it. Had two channels with a selector combiner switch.  So I could back and forth from deep to punchy or combine for the best of both worlds. An ex-roomate that was methed out stole the head so now I use my backup, a smaller Randall Jaguar with two 12's. Still a good solid amp with a nice sound, just not my dream amp. Eventually I'll run across another head for my Peavey though.

5. With all of that being said do you feel tone is an important thing for bass?

 Tone is very important. You can change the entire feeling of a song based on that tone.

6.Do you prefer 5 strings over 4 string?

I play a 4 string. Never had a 5 string. For the style I play I have yet to need one.

7.Who is your favorite bassist?

 Eerie Von from Samhain and Danzig was the one that got me wanting to play bass first. Still is and will always be my favourite.

8. Who is your least favorite bassist?

 I don't really have a least favourite.

9.Why do you think women seem to be attracted to playing bass?

 I couldn't answer that. I see women on all instruments all the time. I never thought of bass as one they gravitated towards.

10. What bassist dead or alive would you like a private lesson with?

 Peter Steele would be cool. I always liked his tone and would like to see his set-up. I've always been impressed with those that front the band while playing bass as well. I've had to play the bass in a couple of the bands I front for a gig or two and it changes how I sing and everything.

11. Bonus question
Bobby Doll , Nikki Sixx , Les Claypool , Billy Sheehan  which is more ridiculous and why

 Well, I don't feel any of them are ridiculous in a negative way. They have owned that in a way many can't, but I guess I'd go with Claypool because he owns that ridiculousness on a level like no other that makes him definitely the most interesting in my book.

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