LovErotic: Radar Love - W/ Christophe Murdock

(CST, UTC-06) (CST, UTC-06)

District Hotel OKC, 2200 NW 40th St. , Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

When: Saturday, February 11th at 9:00pm
Where: District Hotel OKC 2200 NW 40th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Price: $15

Welcome to the Human Party!

Our hosts, Gorlak and Mork, are bringing you a brand new, all out theme from out of Uranus! We've been catching transmissions coming from the 3rd rock from the sun, and holy spacecat, they're weird! We love weird, though, so tonight, we celebrate our weird cousins by throwing HUMAN THEMED PARTY! That's right! Tonight we're getting extra terrestrial with it. We're bringing you all the best human things: donuts, cows, dolphins, dragons and kool-aid just to name a few.

We will have 20+ local artists (including Christophe Murdock) displaying verified human art! From psychedelic to fantasy, and everything in between, we've curated a one of a kind show based on the legendary Heavy Metal Magazine vibe.

We've also managed to cross paths with some space vendors who just happen to have human relics for sale, as well! Clothing, art, cannabis tools and more.

Cosmic Space Travelers will be making an appearance with extreme costumes and supernova vibes, so come out and shake your tail feathers with them!

In addition to visual art, we've beamed up human music performers to bring you some rad tunes. Rachel Lynch and Griffin Wade will be bringing human love tunes, in honor of the human celebration "Valentine’s Day". We know how much humans love to love! An on-after dance party will continue with a live DJ set until 2 am.

Come dressed in your galactic best and don't forget your towel! We encourage our guests to get far out with costumes.

$15 come as you are
$10 if you come in theme, costume or vibe

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