Christophe and Joe D. accompanied each other on many shows throughout the years. When it came to music, no one knew Christophe as well as Joe did. Joe became so much a part of the act that they started to list the shows as a duo. He had a following all of his own. When together the setlist became expanded including more blues, punk and metal than before. The duo were even known to get down on acoustic versions of Venom or Slayer at times.

Joe D.
 The Norman area guitarist began playing at the age of eleven, and eventually formed some of the Oklahoma City metro area’s first extreme metal bands. In the mid to late Eighties, bands such as Dark Legions were involved in the beginning of the thrash metal scene in central Oklahoma. Through the years Joe was involved in various bands with similar elements, always improving with time. From the technical mastery of Maelstrom, through the early death metal barrage of Destructive Criticism, and beyond the progressive insanity of Barking Geckos, to the stoner metal institution that was Social Parasite (which alone lasted from 1992-2013), Joe D. never failed to bring us guitar stylings with greater force and impact. Along with the metal projects, Joe had also had experience playing other types of music including: classic rock covers, punk rock, and worked with the RJ Evans band. The one constant was that Joe D. never stopped playing guitar and doing live shows for any period of time from 1985 until his death in 2013. D. was also the publisher of Metal Hell Magazine and had interviewed many bands with the unique spin of a musician which many magazines failed to achieve. He was an accomplished and adaptable guitarist who shared Christophe’s passion for music and made an incredible contribution to the duo.