The Golden Rule Official Poster

 Here is the official poster for 'The Golden Rule' A Star Swamp, LLC Star Wars fan made fan film, inspired by EA Star Wars game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Starring Sara Moore, Staci Davis, Laron Chapman and David McKenzie with Da'Neille Bishop Roy, Kelsey Glenn, Megan Rich, Joshua Lindsey, Fred Tee, Ivory Moore. Written and Directed by Mike Ransburg Check out the film by clinking the link here:

For anyone who would like a printable copy of the poster or a copy of the film please email your request to and we will send you a downloadable link. Thank you to our amazing cast and crew, and to all the businesses involved as well everyone who supported this film. Hitting 2,500 views is amazing and more are watching. So far this fan film has been viewed in 13 countries and enjoyed by many gamers and Star Wars fans. We appreciate everyone taking the time to watch our film. May the force be with you...always. Download the game for free and join the fight across the galaxy. Make sure to like the pages tagged in this post and show them support. Poster by Teresa Swallow.

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