National Cinema Day Free Screening

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NCom Cyberhall and Gaming Lounge, 914 W. Main St., Norman, Oklahoma

When: Sunday September 3rd 2023 at 6:00pm
Where: NCom Cyberhall & Gaming Lounge, 914 W. Main St. Norman, OK 73069
Price: Free. All Ages.

It's National CInema Day, so we're having a free screening from our friends at Spring Lane Studios!

We've shown the Rosemary & Sage Trilogy from filmaker Jared Campbell and everyone loved it. So, now we're going to take a deeper dive into his films. The OH-Mart Tril-OH-gy has only been shown publicly once before and now it's here for the first time in Oklahoma!

I know you're wondering why we're billing this as a "Double Feature" when it's four films... but try finding an image for a "Tetralogy", and with these all being shorts it comes out to about the same lenght as going to a double feature. So that's your exlplanation.

OH-MART: A mysterious VHS falls in the hands of a porn store owner and his crew.
OH-WORLD: Raven, Ohmar, and a religious fanatic must team up to save the day after Raven unleashes a demonic force while trying to bring her dead lover back from the spirit world.
OH-BLIVION: Ohmar and Vincenzo join forces once again after Raven's unborn child becomes the target of a satanic ritual.
CANDLE SMOKE: A woman finds shelter from imminent danger. She's safe. But for how long?

This screening is free and open to the public. Soda's and Snacks are available at our snack bar. We have a few couches for seating and metal folding chairs, so feel free to bring your own folding chair for added comfort.