Setlist: Christophe Murdock - 7-7-2020 Facebook Live, Table Rock Lake, MO

 This episode of Cake With Christophe occurred while I was on vacation with my family in Missouri. 

Christophe Murdock
Cake With Christophe
Episode 12
Facebook Live
Table Rock Lake, MO

Christophe Murdock - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

1. Scooby-Doo, Where Are you? (Ben Raleigh/David Mook)
2. Adventure Time (Pendleton Ward)
3. Mama Tried (Merle Haggard)
4. Dead Girls Don't Say No - Cut (William "BJ" Sands)
5. Misery Road (Christophe Murdock)
6. Red Dirt (Christophe Murdock)
7. The Life Of An Outlaw (Christophe Murdock)
8. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash)
9. Another Small Town Song (Christophe Murdock)
10. Bad Luck (Social Distortion)
11. Sailor Moon Theme (Nicole & Brynne Price/Monroe Michaels)
12. Tainted Love (Ed Cobb)
13. Ring Of Fire (Merle Kilgore/June Carter Cash)

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