Coffin Decks Online For Order


Glam City Skates Christophe Murdock "Son Of The Saw" Signature Coffin Decks featuring artwork of The Son by Schock Graphics!

These custom Coffin Decks come in three different styles that are hand stained and hand painted by Glam City Skates. Featuring original artwork by Schock Graphics and printed at Lewellyn's Print Shop in Texas. They are made to order and will have between a 1 to 2 month wait time to get finished and sent to you. A quality old school board great for riding or to hang on your wall.

Deck Width: 9" Inches.
Deck Length: 31.5" Inches.
Wheelbase: 15" Wheel Base.
Concave: Medium.
Construction: Cold Pressed 7 Ply Hard Rock Canadian Maple.
Colour: Three Styles.

              A. Classic Coffin (Black)

              B. Splatter Coffin (Wood Stain with Blood Splatter)

              C. Glam Coffin (White)

Street: This deck is not for going down rails and flip tricks.
Ramp: You can have fun on the ramp with this coffin shape.
Cruising: Great for going around town on a Sunday afternoon.

$90 Postage Paid in the US. Between 1-2 Month Turnaround as they are individually made to order.


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