VHS & Chill Presents Blockbusted Video - W/ Christophe's Crypt

Rodeo Cinema, 2221 Exchange Ave., Oklahoma CIty

When: Sunday March 21st at 7:00pm
Where: Rodeo Cinema, 2221 Exchange Ave. OKC, OK 73108
Price: FREE!!!!

VHS And Chill will be presenting Blockbusted Video screenings at Rodeo Cinema!

Christophe's Crypt will be setting up a table at VHS & Chill's Blockbusted Video event on March 21st! Come out for this free screening at Rodeo Cinema in OKC! You are invited to join in the fun as we riff the film together. So talking, joking, singing, and pretty much everything else is, not only, allowed but ABSOLUTELY encouraged! The Crypt will have a table set up filled with VHS tapes, Trading Cards and more! See you there!

Rad's Live-Comedy Rodeo! - w/ Christophe Murdock Band

Rodeo Cinema, 2221 Exchange Ave., Oklahoma CIty, Oklahoma

When: Saturday March 27th at 7:00pm
Where: Rodeo Cinema, 2221 Exchange Ave. OKC, OK 73108
Price: $5.00

Be a part of Rodeo Cinema history as we host our very first live-comedy show on stage!

Rad Chismo Host of The Nedchismo Show is proud to present a night of comedy and live entertainment.

Join everyone's favorite interdimensional Wormhole traveling superhero at the historic Rodeo Cinema for this one of a kind show.

Hosted By Michael Patton and featuring the homegrown stand up comedy of Maverick Mcwilliams, Dustin "Devo" Devore, zach Amon.

Headlining the show is none other than Lenny Van Horn. With his quick wit and high energy, Lenny delivers a commanding performance while staying true to his comedy source.

Closing the show is the one and Only Christophe Murdock Band.

ABOUT THE COMICS: Zach Amon is one of Tulsa’s favorite comedians. Zach has performed in various states throughout the US. He also writes for Talk Show Inc, hosts two open mics in Tulsa and has opened for Pete Lee. He is cohost of the #1 podcast on the Soundstooth Network, Gettin’ Greasy, a show all about the Trailer Park Boys. He enjoys video games, in-depth conversations on the existence of Bigfoot and the musical stylings of Megan Thee Stallion.

Dr. Dustin DeVore is the co-owner of the SoundsTooth Comedy Network and host of the number one podcast on the network, Gettin’ Greasy. His comedy comes from his life experiences as a teacher and an over-educated liberal with redneck roots living in the great state of Oklahoma.

Lenny Vanhorn is a comedian from the Midwest. His comedy is centered around a simple upbringing, partying through his formative years and reconciling with his adult self. His high energy performances are filled with whimsical faces, full body shenanigans and a strong unforgettable stage presence which appeals to all class of audiences. He has opened for Tommy Davidson, Don DC Curry, Shane Mauss, Ryan Niemiller, and Dusty Slay. He was runner up in 2016' OKC's funniest person! He is a crowd favorite throughout the U.S.