March 2003 -

Oklahoma Punk Scene Dot Com #3

 Below is the Mockingbird Lane portion of Barb's Untitled column taken from the on-line zine

 A couple of days later, I headed down to the American Legion Hall in Norman for an all-local-band bill. FONE SEX opened the evening with punk rock that occasionally featured a saxophone, and included a traditional “fuck you” chorus two songs into their set. MOCKINGBIRD LANE had apparently recently lost a bassist and vocalist, but the drummer and vocalist carried on, with the vocalist handling guitar duties and commenting that he’s good when he’s not playing an instrument. This show marked my first time to see PAIN RELIEF, a three-piece band from Moore whose set included a funny cover of “Unbelievable.” The ROUSTABOUTS finished out the night with their trademark high energy, regardless of the small turnout. It was particularly cool to see them in a venue where the audience is on the same level as the band, since it gives a different perspective to see a band eye-to-eye (or at least as close to eye-to-eye as a vertically challenged person like me can get!).